Hongde Safety Lecture begins

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In response to the call of Tongzhou District Emergency Management Bureau to strengthen the centralized education and training of enterprise employees in production safety, and to effectively implement the main responsibility of enterprise production safety, at 4:00 p.m. on April 15, under the organization of the Company's Safety and Environmental Protection Department, the centralized education and training of all employees in production safety was carried out.





The education and training activities are mainly divided into four processes:

1) At the beginning of the activity, Xu Yusong, the general manager of the company, introduced the training process;




2) Wang Zhiqing, director of Tongzhou District Emergency Management Bureau, made a mobilization speech on this training activity, analyzed the current situation of safe production, and gave important instructions on how to implement the main responsibility of safe production;




3) Chairman Yang of our company trained all employees through safety education training courseware and past accident cases;




 4) Carry out on-site safety production knowledge competition activities.



In this training, the chairman of the board gave a detailed explanation of the company's production processes, major risks and occupational hazards, and gave serious warning and criticism through videos of past accidents and illegal operations on the site. From the perspective of employees, the chairman explained the impact of employees' personal safety on their families, teams, companies and society.

In the final safety knowledge contest, the employees were enthusiastic and accurate in answering questions.

The training was a complete success. President Xu summarized the safety education and training activities for all staff. At the same time, the activity was unanimously affirmed by Director Wang of the District Emergency Management Bureau and Director Yan of the Safety Supervision Office of Xingren Town. He hoped that the company's work safety could maintain its current momentum and further consolidate and consolidate the foundation of work safety.