[The power of example] The sword edge comes from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold

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Guest: Tang Desheng, Finance Department

Tang Desheng, who joined Hongde Company in 2001, is now the delivery clerk of the finished product warehouse in the Finance Department. During his tenure, he has successively won the honors of "Advanced Individual", "Special Award of the Chairman", etc.



Tang Desheng formally entered Hongde Company as a sander in 2001. Grinding is the hardest work of the company. He worked steadfastly and diligently, and was successively transferred to front-line operation posts such as annealing furnace and production line.

After years of first-line work, his work attitude and ability were unanimously recognized by the leaders and colleagues. In 2005, he was promoted to the post of manager and had his first desk, hence the title of "Director Tang". In 2007, with the transformation and upgrading of the company's products, there were many and diverse product categories, and the number of front-line employees increased gradually. He also took the position of workshop statistician, picked up a pen pole, carefully accounted for every data in the workshop, and filled in every manual report.



In 2009, the internal adjustment of the company's workshop was carried out. The excellent director Tang formally entered the financial department as the delivery clerk of the finished product warehouse. At that time, the director Tang was 55 years old and had no experience with computers. In order to better adapt to the job and not fall behind the young people, he began to work and learn by himself. He bought several computer courses and pressed the five stroke root table on his desk, He is still practicing watch making and typing when his colleagues are off work.

Now, he and his young colleagues are working together on the ERP system. The data is accurate and closely linked. No problem has ever occurred because of him. No matter in the morning or at night, no matter in the cold or in the hot weather, every shipment must be delivered to the site, and all receipts must be collected after the shipment. Every data is clearly counted, and every product can not be a fish in the net.




President Li Rongzong commented that: Lao Tang has no earthshaking deeds. He is a dull person who never says a word, but is meticulous in his work. He is like a guard guarding every product of the company. He did not have anything to sing about. He worked steadily in an ordinary post, which was shining because of his existence.

Yes, up to now, Director Tang has been working diligently as a delivery clerk for 11 years. We haven't been working for several years, and he has already made delivery preparation, lists and labels in the office; When we got off work, he was still sorting out materials or delivering goods, just as he believed in the saying: no case has accumulated volumes, and things do not stay overnight!



Everything he did was ordinary. It was this ordinary and serious work that protected the company's interests to the greatest extent. His high work enthusiasm, positive learning attitude and careful and serious work style deserve our recognition and learning.