Jiangsu Hongde Special Parts Co., Ltd. organized fire drill activities to promote "Safe Production Month"

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In order to earnestly implement the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment" and the main responsibility of the enterprise's safety production, strengthen the safety education and training of employees, practically improve the daily safety production management level of the company according to the unified arrangement of the company's safety training day activities, test the company's emergency response capability to emergencies, and further improve the safety production awareness and emergency response capability of all employees.

At 10:00 a.m. on May 15, under the organization of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of our company, this emergency drill activity was carried out for employees in the company's safety area, and officers and soldiers of Xingren Fire Squadron were invited to explain fire fighting knowledge to everyone. More than 200 people from the company's cast iron workshop, large and small machining workshop and cleaning workshop participated in the drill. Wang Jin, the deputy general manager in charge of the company's safety, served as the chief commander of the drill.


To ensure the smooth implementation of the drill, the Safety and Environmental Protection Department prepared in advance, formulated plans, held special seminars, discussed and confirmed the drill process and content in detail, the working methods and procedures of external liaison, and the basic methods of escape, evacuation and rescue personnel.

At 10:00 a.m., the employees of each workshop and department gathered at the emergency evacuation assembly site of the cast iron branch to make preparations before the drill. Chief Commander Wang first gave a drill mobilization and process introduction, and then the leader of the fire squadron explained the types of common fire-fighting equipment, methods of use, and precautions in use to our employees on the spot, and gave a demonstration on the spot. In order to enhance the employees' ability to master the fire-fighting equipment, the team leader personally guides the employees' practical exercise.



At 10:40, the evacuation drill was started. Members of the company's Safety and Environment Department sounded smoke bombs and issued evacuation signal instructions. All personnel covered their mouths and noses to evacuate according to the designated route, and evacuated to a safe place at the first time. At 11:5, the emergency drill was officially ended. Finally, Mr. Wang, the chief commander of the drill, made a comment on the drill.



The employees participating in this drill expressed that they have benefited a lot, not only enhancing their safety awareness, but also improving their awareness of emergencies and their ability to deal with emergencies; At the same time, it also popularized fire safety knowledge and improved fire fighting, escape and self rescue skills. In the future, daily safety inspection will be carried out in strict accordance with relevant safety regulations.

After the drill, the commander in chief, General Manager Wang, convened all members of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department to summarize the drill, and evaluated and revised the applicability and operability of the emergency plan for the problems exposed.

In short, work safety is a long-term and arduous task. Only continuous safety education and training, various forms of education, careful planning, careful arrangement, and improvement of staff's safety awareness and operating skills can ensure safety, prevent and avoid all kinds of accidents.