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The company attaches great importance to scientific & technological innovation and technical transformation, carries out the technical cooperation with Southeast University, Denmark VESTAS Research Institute, etc., and has established R&D innovation platforms such as Technical Center of Enterprises of Jiangsu Province, Engineering Technology Research Center for New Materials of Nodular Cast Iron of Jiangsu Province (which has been determined as the provincial key research and development institution), Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation of Jiangsu Province, Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base of Jiangsu Province...

Jiangsu Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center
Jiangsu Province Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation
Off campus Practice Training Base of Chengxian College of Southeast University
Document of the Joint Meeting on Promoting the Construction of Enterprise R&D Institutions in Jiangsu Province
Jiangsu Post doctoral Innovation Practice Base
Jiangsu Ductile Iron New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center

Patent Certification

20 items

→ High and New Technology Enterprise
→ "Industry Access Announcement Enterprise" recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
→ Excellent Supplier conferred by ABB
→ Technological Innovation Award conferred by Siemens Medical
→ Best Quality Supplier conferred jointly by Siemens and Gamesa
→ Excellent Quality Award conferred by Grundfos for many consecutive years

→ ISO9001 Quality Management System certified in 1999
→ ISO14001 Environmental System certified in 2008
→ ISO18001 Occupational Health Management System certified in 2017
→ National certification of Intellectual Property Management System passed in 2016
→ Successive third-party audits by GL, SVTI, DNV, ASME and other customers

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