"Eliminate potential accidents and build a strong line of defense" - responding to the national safety production month

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In order to respond to the 19th "Safety Production Month" activity of the country and promote our company to further "eliminate potential accidents and build a safe defense line" in the production process. According to the activity arrangement of the company's safety production month in 2020, Xu Yusong, the general manager of the company, led the team, Wang Jin, the deputy general manager and the person in charge of safety and environmental protection, and the safety and environmental protection department, with the assistance of the person in charge of each department and workshop, carried out a series of activities.

In the morning of June 1, President Wang organized a mobilization meeting to introduce the main contents and arrangements of the "Safe Production Month" activity. President Wang said at the meeting that although safety production does not directly create value, it can provide a good production environment and a reassuring production atmosphere for employees, thereby saving operating costs and improving production efficiency. As a production manager, we must take the lead and jointly create a safe, stable and harmonious production and living environment.



As of the deadline, six items have been carried out in the activity of safety production month:

① Update the warning signs and slogans of safety production, and update the theme of "eliminate potential safety hazards and build a safe defense line" on the bulletin board;

② Publicize safety production knowledge every day through broadcasting;

③ Organize employees to participate in the safety knowledge competition of "Chain Workers' Treasure";

④ On the "Safety Training Day", "Personal Protective Equipment Training" shall be conducted for employees;

⑤ Carry out the special activity of "no accident around party members, let the party flag fly in the front line of safety production";

⑥ All staff shall participate in the monthly knowledge competition and examination of safety production.



President Wang said that the launch of the "Safety Production Month" activity was not formalism, but to implement the concept of safety development, put safety production in a more important position, and promote the further implementation of safety production responsibilities. It is emphasized once again that accidents always come suddenly, and that only when the alarm bell is ringing and unremitting efforts are made to reduce the possibility of accidents in production safety.